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Get Active
Lethbridge College is home to some of the best recreational activities and facilities in Southern Alberta. Whether you're interested in intramural sports or picking up an energy-boosting pastime, our programs are well-developed, fun and help you break a sweat!.
Get Involved
Part of the experience of attending post secondary is meeting new people and trying new things. At any given time, Lethbridge College plays host to dozens of student clubs - covering interests vast and wide including Roller Derby, Hip Hop, FNMI and Pride. Get involved today or start your own and expand your social horizon!
Get Heard
Part of the perks of being a student is having a student association to stand up for your rights and voice your concerns. LCSA is run by students, for students…and is built and operated on the principals of offering support, advocacy and leadership to the student body.
Get Down
The Student Association holds events throughout the year! From Sexy Bingo to Frosh to Speed Dating, something for everyone!
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LCSA Executive

2016/2017 Student Executive Council: Storm Liversuch (Left), Sharyn Moore (Middle), Cameron Dewey (Right).